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An analyst taking a break from examining climate trends in China.
About Us We help clients convert data into meaningful information through detailed exploratory data analysis, statistics, geographic analysis and data visualization. Our projects for clients range from the production of relatively straightforward maps and other graphics for scientific papers or the web to multi-year scientific research projects that involve a full suite of statistics, programming and geographic analysis. Company History ZevRoss Spatial Analysis was founded in Ithaca, NY by the principal, Zev Ross, who has 15 years of experience conducting research in the fields of environmental health, exposure assessment, natural resources and urban planning. We have helped to unravel geographic and temporal patterns in data for clients ranging from the World Health Organization and Fortune 500 companies to universities and small non-profit organizations. Our research has been published in high impact journals and cited by The New York Times, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, and other major media outlets across the country.

In addition, the president, Zev Ross, has been a visiting lecturer at Cornell University, has served as a scientific review panel member for the Health Effects Institute and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and was a member of the American Cancer Society's expert roundtable on Spatial Measures in Cancer Prevention Studies. Zev has taught a multi-day course on GIS in public health to health officials in Yerevan, Armenia and co-taught a one-day course on R in Environmental Epidemiology with Dr. Roger Peng in Barcelona, Spain.
Examples of What We Do
  • On behalf of the New York University School of Medicine we conducted statistical and geographic analysis of air pollution in support of a four-year grant from the Health Effects Institute to investigate links between air pollution and health outcomes.
  • Ecoagriculture Partners invited us to create poster-sized maps of agricultural potential in Tanzania for meetings with local organizations.
  • We generated a series of interactive, online maps of weather-related disasters in the U.S. for Environment America.
  • The World Health Organization awarded us the contract to write a report on data-related mechanisms for characterizing global urban health and urban health equity.
  • Columbia University hired us to create software to assign ZIP codes and census geographies (tracts, block groups) to tables of XY coordinates.