"Based on a great experience I had with an introductory R course that Zev taught at a scientific conference a few years ago, I invited Zev to deliver the 1.5 day R workshop at Columbia University. The workshop was a perfect introduction for students and staff to this powerful, open source statistics and visualization software, and gave them the skills and confidence to get to work using R on their own data."

Patrick Kinney

Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Director, Columbia Climate and Health Program

Up and Running With R

A 1.5 day workshop to give you the skills needed to conduct data analysis and visualization in R statistical software


This hands-on workshop gets participants up and running with R statistical software. The workshop is designed to provide the solid foundation needed to conduct data analysis and visualization on your own.

Material Covered

  • R software and environment with an emphasis on RStudio (InfoWorld.com Technology of the Year, 2015)
  • Finding and installing packages
  • Grammar, objects, data types
  • Reading and manipulating data, the basics of running statistical models
  • Data visualization using the powerful package ggplot2
This plot made with ggplot2, a topic covered in the workshop. Code for this and other plots can be found here.

Workshop Instructor

Zev Ross is president of ZevRoss Spatial Analysis, a company focused on data science, statistics and data visualization. He has used R on a daily basis for more than 10 years conducting data analysis and statistics for a wide range of clients including some of the world's largest public health agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Zev has authored or co-authored 30 scientific research papers and maintains a popular data science blog.

He has taught this workshop at major universities and in several different countries. Based on anonymous feedback (see below) participants come away from the workshop with the confidence to use R on their own.

Workshop Format

The workshop involves a mix of slides, collaborative hands-on material and exercises and can be held at your university or institution. Participants use their own laptops and will be provided with setup instructions. To fit with busy schedules the workshop can be held on weekdays or weekends. The workshop is designed for up to 15 participants (but let Zev know if you have a small or large group). For further details please don't hesitate to contact Zev directly.

    Anonymous Feedback from Workshop Participants
  • "Thanks again for such a useful workshop in R. I felt that R was too daunting to try on my own and now I feel like I can navigate it on my own. You really broke it into manageable pieces", October 2013 (Columbia University)
  • "Really fantastic workshop-- thank you for the crash course!", November 2014 (UCLA)
  • "It is a really great workshop that accomplished the goal of helping someone get started with R", August 2014 (University of Washington, Seattle)
  • "Thanks for the course! I did find it even more useful than I was expecting", August 2011 (Barcelona, Spain)
  • "This is a well constructed workshop and covers some basics of R, and it is a nice workshop for R beginner", August 2011 (Barcelona, Spain)