NEWS:  October 2016

ZevRoss Spatial Analysis is a co-author with the World Health Organization on a new paper describing software for analyzing country-level health inequalities [read more].

Know your data.

ZevRoss Spatial Analysis specializes in spatial and environmental data analysis and statistics, geographic information systems and custom data design. We provide a full range of analysis services from data acquisition, to statistical analysis and data visualization. We help clients transform raw data into meaningful information for use in manuscripts, reports, presentations, interactive web applications and more.

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Interactive, online map application: China Climate and Energy Map for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

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Average wind intensity by hour over 1-week period in NYC

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Results from a time series simulation

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Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) infographic

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Sample output from an in-house regression model validation script

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Protected areas in the southern agricultural corridor of Tanzania

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Graphical traffic intensity assessment (highest in June, lowest in January and February)

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Ithaca, NY map patterned after rare city maps of the 1830's

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Computation of mean temporal trends in particulate matter using splines and simple averaging

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Interactive, online map application: San Francisco Department of Public Health 2010 Atlas of HIV/AIDS

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Proportion of population under 200% of the federal poverty level in New York City (2000 Census)

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Background noise measurements (spectrogram) in an urban environment

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Flood vulnerability by watershed in the U.S. (2000-2009)

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Results from an urban street canyon assessment

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Elevation and areas of agricultural interest in the southern growth corridor of Tanzania