An untested list of open source options for spatial routing

For years we have used ArcGIS’ Network Analyst to compute network distances and route-based service areas. In the past we found open source options to be lacking. We experimented, for example, with pgRouting in 2014 and our rough assessment was that it did not provide an adequate alternative. Details are in our blog post on the topic.

A lot of time has passed since that initial assessment, so in a recent tweet, I asked the Free and Open Source for Geography (FOSS4G) crowd whether they have tools they use and are happy with. There were some great options for investigation — though I warn you that this post will be somewhat unsatisfying given that we have not tested the options, mostly I’m providing a list for reference.

If you have used any of these tools please let me know in a comment or by e-mail. I would be particularly interested in any comparisons like the one we did comparing ArcGIS and Google Maps API.

My initial query

Tweet response summary

  • pgRouting has come a long way!
  • QGIS new processing tools for Service Area and Shortest Path in 3.0
  • In R, Robin Lovelace has provided the stplanr package
  • ProjectOSRM (Planet-wide OpenstreetMap based routing)
  • GraphHopper (got two votes)
  • OpenTripPlanner
  • osmnx, networkX and PySAL’s Spaghetti
  • pandana (which stands for “pandas for network analysis”) in #python. It was developed by @fscottfoti @Waddell_Paul et al.
  • Hqgis is a python based plugin for QGIS that offers access to the HERE API and combines different traffic/routing/geocoding actions in one plugin.

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